Villainous Revelry

The other day, driving home from work, I found a new Spotify playlist called “POV: You’re the Villain in Love With the Hero”. Whoever “Rowan” is, they did a great job curating this bad boy. It’s sultry, playful, and just dark enough. It got me thinking, though: we are each the villain in someone else’s story, like it or not. What lengths do we go to to insist that we’re the hero, blameless and clean? And what does it take to admit that, sometimes, being the skeleton in someone else’s closet it reassuring in a way? Anyways, here’s “Twist”.


We'll meet, I'll say it was your eyes
That got me hooked
We'll talk
I'll stay up late and say
Like I always do
That I'm in love with your mind

We'll walk through the trees
And kiss by the creeks
I'll let you call me yours
Later, I'll call you another twist
In my spiral
You'll watch me discard you like the rest