That cliché quote from Anna Karenina

You know all the boring stuff you read as a teenager about how “every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”? One day I grew up and I was boring like that too.

Birth Control

The levy passed today
I called my mom and told her
All about it
How sad I was that it passed by
Such a slim margin

I texted my husband
Said that the elementary school
Just two blocks from our house
Will be standing proud and ready
When our children come tumbling in

I saw myself walking with a younger
Amber-haired bull-headed
Better version of us
Showing them how to use the crosswalk

I always thought they would have his optimism
And my steady hand
His laugh
And my strong jaw

When I found out
My eyes didn't bother to sting

I've known since before I met him
Before I tried to pour anyone
Into that wound in my life
That I would inherit my mother's
Watchful grief

I stood, autumn-still
In front of the school
And wondered why I didn't learn
To look both ways for liars.

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