Favorite Firsts

Did you know that most poetry publications will only accept your poem if it’s not been displayed on any other website? That reminds me, in a way, of the dire warning my mom gave me regarding my V-card when I was a girl (Mom was wrong!).

So, when I post a poem here, that means it’s either been published, or it never will be. Happily, the below poem has been published by Down in the Dirt Magazine. They published two of my poems, actually – if you want to see the other, there’s a link at the bottom of the post. Down in the Dirt is actually the first to display my work online, though Sleet Magazine was the first to inform me that they accepted something of mine (that issue of Sleet will be out very soon). What are your favorite firsts, reader? Bonus points if you tell me in haiku form.

An Introduction

Good morning
My name is Cora
Replacement for Olivia
Who didn't make it to term

My name is Cora and my mom
Only wanted two kids
So if Olivia had made it
I never would have been

My name is Cora
But my mom almost named me Ruby
After a cleaning lady
Mom worshipped as a girl

Ruby is a bright name, a deep name
But then that damn song got popular
And Mom didn't want any jokes
About me turning my red light on

My name is Cora
But my name would have been Ross
If I had been a boy. Ross Lee.
Mom only wanted daughters, though

The last Cora was my grandma's grandma
No one remembers what she was like.
There's only one picture of her
She wore a smirk ahead of her time

The last Cora, hell, the first Cora
Lived on a farm, and had a herd of cows
All I have left of her is her lead milk cow's bell
My name is Cora and I ring, ring, ring

Down in the Dirt link (select “Cora Taylor” in the left-hand column [no, that isn’t my real name])


One thought on “Favorite Firsts

  1. Congratulations on getting published!! Also, I absolutely love this poem.

    My favorite firsts
    Are the ones that surprise me
    A kiss comes to mind

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