Almost-Summer Silence

When I was looking out my office window today, trying to relax and convince myself that I didn’t overdo it at lunch today (I’ll admit it: I did), I ended up face-to-face with an ornate, long-abandoned shell of a building. The city put up barriers to keep people from selling their bodies or drugs or knock-off watches beneath the old hotel’s tattered awnings. I ended up with a loose snippet of poetry:

Abandoned hotel
You dead downtown lightning bug
What stories did you choke
Trying to tell?

But what can you do with something that short? I lack the self-assurance and the hungry audience of someone who could present Instagram-length poetry. I guess this stanza will wait for something better, much like the sleeping hotel itself.

Do you have any scraps of poetry that never found a home? Drop me a line in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Almost-Summer Silence

  1. I keep a little note on my phone filled with unused lines in the hope that one day I’ll find a home for them. Some of them aren’t even really lines…just little descriptions of scenes that I didn’t have time to write about when I saw them, but wanted to remember. Two construction workers smoking on a bridge during their lunch break, worms on the sidewalk after the rain, an elderly man wearing a straw hat while slowly his mowing lawn, the horrific scene of uncountable dead fish floating in a farm pond after being suffocated by invasive algae (although I feel like I’d have a hard time forgetting that one). Some day they’ll work themselves into a poem, even if I’m not sure how yet.

    1. I love the idea of capturing little scenes that inspire you, to write about later! So many times I’ve seen something and thought “wow, damn” but was unable to start a piece about it in the moment.

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